Biking across America post

  • Biking across America post

    Posted by TabiFolk on January 4, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    Came across this post the other day about a family traveling by bike across America with a child who has Autism.

    While a bike adventure might not be for everyone, they had some good general trips on traveling with children who have Autism:

    • Involve your child in the planning
    • Start small with adventures close to home and short flights
    • Practise parts of your trip (e.g. sleeping in a tent)
    • Talk to other passengers on flights, before you take off, about your child’s strengths and possible challenges with flying (a letter worked for us so we didn’t have to say it over and over again)
    • Pack your child’s favourite pillowcase to put over any pillow on the road
    • Let your child set the pace — don’t schedule too many activities and give them the breaks they need
    • Always have snacks to avoid them getting hungry/hangry
    • Pack headphones to block out noise
    • Load up a device with music and movies
    • Take whatever you need to allow your child choice and control on the trip (for us it was a whiteboard and marker so Patch could communicate)
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