Getting Started

Hello, Welcome to the Accessible Travel Forum!

There are so many different sites out there and often the interfaces are quite different.  So, we just wanted to give you some basics on how to get started on the Accessible Travel Forum.


There are a couple of different menus to help you navigate. The top menu has the basic sections of the website, links to your personal message box ( ) and notifications ( ). At the furthest right you can log out of your account by hovering over your profile picture or user name. On mobile devices the top menu can be accessed by tapping the profile image and consists of log in/out, messages, and notifications.

The side menu can be displayed in full or compacted view by clicking the icon with the three horizontal bars (  ) at the top of the screen next to the Accessible Travel Forum logo. (Go on, try it, its kinda fun!) On mobile devices tapping the three horizontal bars (  ) displays the menu.

On the right hand side of the screen there are some useful information panels that change depending on the page you are viewing.

There is a site-wide search at the top of the page (the left side menu in mobile) where you can search forum topics, user blogs and members.

Forums and Groups

Two of the main components of this site are Forums and Groups. So, what is the difference between a forum and a group?

Groups are like Facebook Groups.  They are a great way for people to join with others and discuss certain topics that are less detailed or even just a link.  For example you could post a picture of yourself in Italy in the “Travelling Now!” group to share with other members. As new posts are added, older ones are pushed down out of sight. Posts in groups cannot be searched, so groups are best for chatting and occasionally checking out. Users can create groups and invite people to join.

Forums are more structured like folders on a computer. Each forum has a specific theme (ie travel in Japan, traveling with chronic pain, etc). Every topic added becomes a discussion.  They are easily searched and are great for researching future trips or sharing information with future travelers. For example in the “Italy Discussion” forum you could make a post asking “Can I use a scooter in Venice?” and people can answer that specific question. The forums are also open to search on the internet, so information you add will help people searching for help as well as the community. If you would like a new forum added, please contact ATF Admin.

In general, groups are for lighthearted chat that you can enter and exit when you like without worrying about missing too much, forums are places to ask specific questions or share information you hope others will find.

User Blogs

Every member of the Accessible Travel Forum family can create and share their own content – free of charge. Read more about writing your blog here.

My Profile

You can edit your profile by adding links to your website or social profiles
(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so that people can find you in other networks as well. You can also change your profile picture, the background image on your member profile page, and your forum signature.

You can also change your email notification settings, password, etc in the settings tab of your profile. Friends and followers, groups and forum subscriptions are also available from your profile.

Getting Help

If you need some help with the site, send ATF Admin a message through the site, or send an email to: [email protected]

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