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  • Since there is no information about this I thought I’d post a bit about what’s helped me.

    Arranging wheelchair assistance at the airport can make a big difference. It will mean being able to get through passport control much more quickly.

    I have found being organised has made a big difference too.

    Having a list of the medications you’re taking is…

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    Murielle, Ash and 2 others
    • I feel like this was me writing this! Totally agree and do all the things you mentioned in your post. Particularly about wheelchair assistance at the airports – I have always had such a positive experience with special assistance and with the flight crew. It has saved me being in long queues and in pain trying to travel and really reduces…

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      • I have found JAL amazing in helping passengers that require special assistance. ANA on the other hand are shocking in my experience 🌸

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