Reply To: Accessibility Certification Program in Japan

  • pieterghijsels

    April 15, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    Sounds like the A and A+ labels in Flanders, Belgium. Although the criteria are a bit different. VisitFlanders only awards the label to holiday accommodations, visitor centres and tourism information offices, if the level of accessibility is over-all at least usable with some assistance (for a level A) or independently (A+). The focus, so far, lies mostly on wheelchair accessibility, although other features are also noted. Much attention is given to the chain of accessibility: an easy connection from the parking lot or entrance to the bathroom and any other ‘essential’ facility on the way. The information is available as text and pictures in a dedicated catalogue by VisitFlanders (actually, two books: Of course, it’s always recommended to post the accessibility features on any other platform and in any communication. It’s something to proud be of.

    Requiring a yearly staff training is a good suggestion. How is this organised in Japan?

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