Reply To: Accessibility Certification Program in Japan

  • Ohayo Travel

    April 15, 2021 at 10:51 pm

    Hello Pieter,

    The kind of the subject organizations seem more or less the same.

    I think the standard the labeling is requesting is not the one comparative to yours in VisitFlanders. It requires only

    1 offering more than 3 kind of accessibility related service (you can choose the easiest three if you wish)

    2 conducting accessibility related training program to the staffs more than once a year

    3 releasing/providing information in at least one of third party’s websites.

    The above does not secure any physical accessibility of the facility itself. Besides, satisfying the 3 kinds only of accessibility service would not make the difference in real term. So the labeling would not ensure a certain (normally expected level of) accessibility services.

    Nevertheless I think this program is a good progress because it is a nationwide initiative and we will have common understanding that at least the labeled hotels/restaurants/info centers are (even if at the minimal level) caring about the accessibilities.

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