Reply To: Accessibility Certification Program in Japan

  • Joan Pahisa

    May 9, 2021 at 10:14 pm


    In Spain it’s not still implemented, but they are also working on a certificate of accessibility (mainly for hotels, though, as far as I know). It’s being promoted by Fundación ONCE (the biggest organization working towards accessibility in Spain), with the approval of the Spanish government.

    Aside from this certificate more catered to the built environment, the same organization also has a label that certifies accessibility of smartphones ( and another for the accessibility of technology based products (Sello A-Tech). Both are based on the European standard for digital accessibility (EN 301.549).

    Also, a couple of years ago, in a congress about accessible tourism that I attended in Spain, there was an organization from Bulgaria that also had an accessibility label system for hotels and other tourist attractions. It was still in the early stages of deployment and not widespread. The seal had three levels, gold, silver and bronze depending on the accessibility features of the venue. I can’t remember the name of the organization and have not been able to find it online either.

    Anyway, at least it seems that more and more countries are taking accessibility more seriously and working towards it.

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