Reply To: Hong Kong MTR Wheelchair Accessibility

  • tabifolk

    May 18, 2018 at 2:15 pm

    We also contacted the MRT and got this reply:

    Thank you for your online enquiry regarding wheelchair accessibility in the MTR.

    In the MTR we strive to provide a safe and efficient public transportation service for all our passengers. We are committed to providing a barrier-free travelling environment and making the railway facilities accessible for everyone including wheelchair passengers. All MTR stations and trains are equipped with barrier free facilities such as lifts, ramps, wide gates and a specific space on trains for mobility impaired passengers in wheelchairs as well as for other passengers with baby prams etc. For the distribution of the dedicated wheelchair / multi-purpose space on the train on different lines, you may refer to pages 10 to11 on the “Caring for our Customers leaflet” which you will find the link at the end of this email.

    As MTR stations are equipped with barrier free facilities, wheelchair passengers may purchase a ticket at the Ticket Issuing Machine or use an Octopus (Smart card with stored value which can be purchased at any MTR Customer Service Centre) to pass the wide gate and then access the platform using the elevator (if not on the same level) and then take the train to their destination. There is directional signage for elevators and wide gates in each station.

    Wheelchair users can ask in advance for a portable ramp service to help with boarding the train ahead of travelling. If you need this service, please contact your starting station preferably at least 30 minutes before travelling so that staff can be assigned to assist you. Once you have arrived the station, please approach any station staff and let them know you have reserved this service. Please then enter the station paid area with your ticket and wait at the platform (our staff will let you know where to wait), our staff will then prepare the portable ramp for you to board and leave the train accordingly. The contact numbers for all stations will be found in the Caring for our Customers leaflet on pages 32 to 39.

    If you are arriving through Hong Kong from the International Airport, you may contact Airport Station on +852 2261 0522 to arrange portable ramp service if needed. Once you have contacted the staff at Airport Station, they will help you arrange so that the portable ramp will be ready at your destination in the city. Should you need the ramp service to continue your journey to your final destination, please let the station staff know and they will be glad to make appropriate arrangement. For your information, there is no entrance gate at Airport Station and you will only need to use your ticket to exit from the gate at your destination in the city.

    To ensure a safe travelling environment for all our passengers, passengers using electric wheelchairs inside the MTR system need to follow our Electric wheelchair usage guidelines. Under these guidelines, the total weight of the electric wheelchair (including the person on it) shall not exceed 200 kg and the dimension shall not exceed 120cm x 70cm (length x width). In addition, the travelling speed once inside the station shall not exceed 6 km per hour and the wheelchair must be powered by electricity.

    This is the link to our “Caring for our Customers leaflet” where you will find more information on the accessible facilities for wheelchair passengers on pages 4 to 13.

    Should you have any further enquiries when you are in Hong Kong, you may approach any of our station staff or call the MTR hotline +852 2881 8888 if this is more convenient.

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