Reply To: Accessible Ways to get around during shore excursion in Pusan

  • Ruud

    June 28, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    If you’re arriving by boat you’ll probably arrive at Busan Port passenger terminal, which is accessible and within walking distance of the main train and metro station.

    From what I remember, (almost?) all metro stops are accessible, they have a lift and flat access to the trains. You can double check this if you know where you want to go by using the Busan metro website:

    Buses were completely inaccessible, they are in the process of upgrading the bus fleet so I did see some of the newer models driving around last year, but they never showed up on the lines I needed.

    I don’t know the details of an accessible taxi service but I would assume one exists.

    Because Busan is so hilly I found it fairly hard to get around, even with someone who could get onto the inaccessible buses. Most non-chain shops will have steps to get in, same for most of the small restaurants you may encounters. Your best bet is to stick to the large shopping malls, they’ll still have a large variety of good quality restaurants to pick from.

    Depending on your level of mobility, some good areas to explore would be:


    There’s a big Lotte shopping mall near the Nampo train station which has accessible toilets and restaurants. The Jagalchi fish market and food strands lining the streets just north of it are recommended. If you’re able to stand up for a little while, there are escalators that take you up to the Busan Tower on the hill just north of Nampo station or I think you can take a taxi up to it.


    The area around the beach is very flat and even though the beach itself is hard to get onto (very fine sand), the walk around it is still nice. You can walk up to the Dongbaek park, there’s a very nice view of the city and the beaches near the APEC building.


    This area is only served by buses and is very hilly, but if you can take a taxi to it there is an accessible route through the village. Because this area is very old, almost all shops are inaccessible and I don’t recall seeing an accessible toilet. Even a drive-by of the area would be nice.

    Central Busan:

    The area around Seomyeon is very dense and gives you a good idea of what a busy Korean city is like. There’s no real touristy things to see but I enjoyed seeing all the buildings with 13 levels of shops, the crazy signs everywhere and the underground shopping malls.

    Oryukdo Skywalk:

    Once again there’s no metro nearby and it’s only served by the old buses, but if you can find an accessible taxi the Skywalk is really nice. The scenery and the view from the viewing platform are great, and they allow wheelchairs on the skywalk.


    Make sure you download Kakaomaps to your phone before you go, as Google Maps is barely functional in SK because of military reasons. Their Android app is now English and will help you find your way around the metro system.


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