Reply To: Accessible Ways to get around during shore excursion in Pusan

  • Kim

    July 6, 2018 at 4:05 am


    We visited Busan last fall via a Princess Cruise. To let you know our perspective, my husband is partially disabled, and used an electric wheelchair while we were there. However, he was also able to walk short distances with a cane (but stairs were very difficult).

    We visited the Beomeosa Temple, and went to a “cultural experience” (short dance theater presentation). The temple was not accessible for him. He was only able to get up to the “gate.” After that, there were large stone steps (with no handrail) and other stairs inside, so it was just impossible. The outside was pretty, though, so he didn’t mind waiting for us there (lots of trees, small creek and little waterfalls, granite statues, etc.).

    The theater experience was only semi-accessible. Our guide got us into the theater, but then my husband had to get out of his chair to get into a seat. There was no way for him to remain in his wheelchair and see the show 🙁

    So sorry I can’t be more helpful! But the previous commenter sure gave some great tips! Hope you have a wonderful time 🙂 Bon Voyage!! 


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