Reply To: Medical facilities on cruise ships

  • JoanneC

    September 16, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    Hi, Josh:

    Medical facilities onboard a cruise ship are very basic. They are mostly there to triage emergencies, and will offload you at the nearest port or via medivac for anything serious.

    Please plan to bring enough meds with you to last the trip + an extra 3-7 days in the event of delays, as they don’t have a major pharmacy on board or the ability to fill new Rx’s.

    Regarding PT, you can usually arrange for massages via the spa, but they are more focused on healthy folks and relaxation vs. anything medically necessary. I spent about $550 for daily massages on a 7-day Caribbean vacation for a cousin recovering from a leg surgery during our vacation in 2009, but it was mostly to ensure her muscles didn’t lock up from all the exercise we were getting and the strain we were putting on her leg. You’ll need to check the resources and specials on each individual ship to get a worst-case idea of how much it may cost you based on your needs.

    If you’ve never heard of, check out their website:

    as they mostly specialize in oxygen-user passengers, but they work with all kinds of handicapped travelers, too.

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