Reply To: Charging scooter batteries on the move.

  • gbgb

    November 20, 2019 at 1:52 am

    Hi Floppus:

    Have a look at your chargers information plate/label. It should say something like:

    Input: 240 volts            Output 24 volts

              2 amps                           5 amps

              50-60 Hz                       DC

    The outlet on the rear console puts out 5 amps max at peak and probably 3 amps steady state. So if the input for your charger is less than 3 amps you should have no problem charging one scooter at a time.

    If you are uncertain copy the information from the charger into this string and I will look at it for you.

    There is probably also a 12 volt outlet that looks like a cigar lighter socket. It may have more capacity, so you could plug in your own converter to give more capacity or to use to plug in a second charger for the second scooter.

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