Reply To: Accessibility while traveling

  • valentinaexplores

    January 12, 2020 at 10:11 pm


    like others have said, it is dependant on the country you are traveling to. However even here in the UK what is classed as accessible should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    There seems to be a generalization of accessibility. By this I mean, if they have a ramp or disabled toilet then they can put accessible in their criteria, even if the user can’t actually access it. 

    As we all know this is not acceptable and each person’s needs are as individual as the person themselves. I was recently looking for a room in the lake districts. The description said accessible room available. As always I rang to check. I could get into the hotel, however, there were 2 steps leading to the room that I would have been impossible to negate in my electric chair. A manual chair used may have found this acceptable to a degree, but for the majority, this room should never have been classed as accessible. 

    Overall it can sometimes come down to the fact the suppliers are just not being educated on the requirements or they are doing the bare minimum to cover themselves. We as the user should be willing to approach this matter in a kind way and educate others in what really is the bare minimum. 

    Always ring ahead, always layout your individual needs and always request that the supply who fails to meet these needs, contact you back, should they change this and be able to accommodate your individual needs in the future. It is only through education that societal views regarding disability can change. As I like to say, we are not disabled, society has never learned to enable everyone!

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