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  • louisxiv

    February 9, 2020 at 3:37 am

    More of the report:

    I found the crew exceptionally well trained, always a big smile for everyone and paid attention the the smallest of details. It was obvious they were trained to make sure you have a very good voyage. They were all well dressed for their job on the ship and I found that even the maintenance people went out of their way to assist a passenger.

    I decided early in the trip decided to have my breakfast sent to my room, a really good decision on my part. I had a standing order for a 7:15 delivery of a fruit plate, rolls, butter jam, yogurt coffee and a different juice every morning. This was a substantial breakfast and really more than I needed to eat, but I was my big meal of the day, and caught up on the news and planed my day. I later discovered I could also get cream cheese, bagel and lox added to my breakfast and I did for the remainder of the cruse.

    At my home I have my bathroom set up so I can take a shower, this was not possible on the ship but found that I could wash my body well just standing at the sink in the bathroom. The bathroom had a tub with shower and five or six sturdy bars on the walls to grab on to if necessary. The sink was big enough to do the job with a mirrored cabinet and a typical toilet. Soap, towels, etc. were provided.

    My room was on the main deck and I was really happy with the location. There were elevators near by that could get you anywhere on the ship in minutes. The rooms were very quiet; I could never hear a sound from the rooms next to mine and only a little sound from people in the hall. You could not hear the TV from the next rooms. I slept very well. I had a cpap machine and wish I had taken a short extension cord with me, but I made it work. There looked to be a ubs port in the bathroom for charging your devices. I never needed to and did not go on the Internet for the whole two weeks, but you could pay for wireless access if you wished. I had a small camera and that also remained fully charged. The only negative in the room was the light switches, they were all black and not labled and it took a while to figure out which switch operated which light. On my first entry to the room I noticed that there were six pillows and told the steward that I only had one head and they removed all but two. I was glad I got the room with the window. It was nice to have the daylight come in the room and I feel the little extra cost was worth it.

    Leaving the ship was also very easy; I had a wheel chair waiting for me on the ship that took me to the bus back to the airport. They gave you tags to put on your luggage as to the airport, airline, flight number, etc. By midnight the night before departure you left your luggage in the hall outside your door and during the night they took you luggage to be waiting for you upon leaving the ship. Everything little detail was well planed for your ease of travel.

    The return flight home had no issues for me. I could not have asked for better.

    I highly recommend a cruse for those in a situation like mine.

    You could have a walker provided for you by Holland American Line at $20 a day or $112 for a one week cruse. You could also get a power vehicle to ride on while on the ship for $275 for seven days. FYI: The airlines will transport you power vehicle for you on you flight for no additional charge.

    Now for the dollars and cents of it all. These prices are from the time of my curse in January 2020.

    The whole trip cost me about $4,100 for two weeks.

    I paid my travel agent $3654

    That included:

    AIR FARE $970

    HOTEL 300

    CRUSE 2,384


    Total $4,104 for two weeks.

    When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.

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