Reply To: For those with a physical disability, a trip report

  • louisxiv

    February 10, 2020 at 1:03 am

    While on the cruse I had a very good meeting with the person on the service deck on the main deck. I told him that I had a couple walkers at home and really had no desire to take the extra one home with me and I gave it to him and told him to just give it to someone who might have a need of it.

    I am not quite sure about your question about the cpap. Delta airlines and I would assume all other airlines allow you to take the cpap and the walker and it does not count as part of you luggage. I also met someone who was taking a motorized riding vehicle on the flight at no extra charge.

    The room was a typical room and I asked if they had special rooms for people with a problem like mine and they do not.

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