Reply To: Starting a medical equipment rental business for tourists

  • Josh Grisdale

    March 30, 2020 at 10:35 am


    I run a website called Accessible Japan and we offer rentals.

    As a power wheelchair user, I didn’t realize the importance of rentals because I always take my wheelchair rental. However, after a lot of requests, we have started taking requests and referring people to providers.

    There seem to be two groups of users:

    1) Elderly, injury, pregnant

    These people are not regular wheelchair users at home (and therefore don’t have a wheelchair of their own), but have difficulties with mobility on their trip. For those with injuries, the requests are often urgent (ie broke leg skiing). For the elderly, and those who are pregnant, they tend to be OK on their home ground, but the extra distances when sightseeing make it hard to manage and a wheelchair helps them get around.

    2) Disabled and cannot take extra equipment

    These customers generally use their own custom wheelchair but need extra equipment like hoists, shower chairs, commodes, etc. These are essential items but become a huge amount of luggage and cannot easily be taken on planes or trains due to the size, therefore it is easier / preferable to rent on site.

    This is an interesting discussion, lets keep it going!

    Also, thank you for considering this business – it will help so many more people enjoy travel!

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