Reply To: Writing a book and would like ideas/thoughts/opinions

  • booknerd97

    April 10, 2020 at 4:27 am

    The reason she isn’t in the sea is because she’s a half breed and not allowed. Her mother knew that and ran away with her at an early age to avoid the prejudice. She never lived in the sea and has no desire to since her life is on land.
    Her arms are strong enough to handle most things although I do plan to have her with a man who will help when she requests it. I like the idea of having an assistant now that you mention it though, maybe a close friend to help her with the transition.
    The character is going to be mostly positive and self aware. She knows her personality faults and does her best to overcome them. The assistant will help but won’t take over her life, same with the guy she’ll be dating. There when she wants him but not trying to control her life.
    Any other thoughts to include or avoid? Also thank you for the indepth answer!

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