Reply To: Theme parks and screaming out loud rides

  • Josh Grisdale

    February 25, 2021 at 12:17 pm


    I do NOT like rides but have been dragged on them.

    AGES ago when I was a kid (like 25-30 years ago!) at Canada’s Wonderland there were some impossible rides (only stairs up and I use a wheelchair), but if you could access the ride they would often let you skip the line and go in through the exit. When the ride was over, they would offer you a second ride because transferring was difficult.

    I also went on a few at Disney World but was easily carried on by my parents – though my pants fell off during one transfer. In front of the whole line. ?

    After moving to Japan in 2007 I was reluctantly dragged to Tokyo Disney. You wouldn’t skip the line, but could make an appointment for a ride (ie instead of waiting 30 min in line, come back in 30 min). As long as your helper/family could get you on, it was fine. I have a picture of a terrified me with some other disabled friends on the log ride.

    In Japan, that all changed March 11, 2011 with the huge earthquake and tsunami.

    After the devastation, evacuations were definitely on everyone’s mind. This caused theme parks to change their policies on rides – you must be able to evacuate by walking on your own in an emergency. (Laws may have changed, but I’m not sure, but the parks’ rules certainly did.)

    Shows etc are still accessible of course, but rides are only for those who can walk (and I assume navigate) out by themselves.

    But, that is Japan.

    Maybe @impactvacations can offer some insight? They are the pros when it comes to theme parks in North America.

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