Reply To: renting or buying a electric wheelchair in Japan or bring one from uk.

  • Ling_ling

    March 14, 2023 at 11:48 pm

    I don’t know that scooters are not welcome at Japanese temples. Temples generally have many steps to the entrance so it can be difficult to access. They are generally no ramps or elevators.

    As far as visiting the Japanese Alps that is possible with a scooter or wheelchair.

    I’d recommend going to place called kamikochi.

    Usually folks drive to the parking lot and then take a bus to the mountains. There is a paved walkway around the river that can take maybe 2 hours depending how far you want to go and there’s plenty of shops selling food and drinks at the main bridge. Once you get off the bus at the mountains everything is pretty level. There may be someone evenness to the asphalt but should be fine for scooter or wheelchair.

    If you can, I’d recommend staying at least one night. They have lodges that you can rent that are a little expensive. Or if you’re okay with camping. The campsite is very accessible and is about $12 per night. You can rent pretty much everything you need there including tent, sleeping mats, blankets, even stoves, etc.

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