Reply To: Dealing with heat when traveling with a disability

  • Carlos

    July 17, 2023 at 11:13 am

    I avoid traveling in the summer to whatever destination I want to go to.

    As a kid, my last trip with my parents was a road trip to Memphis, TN (the US South, for those who don’t know). My parents hated luxury, so they thought it was okay, for a 2-week trip in July, to stay in a cabin with no air conditioning and no accessible showers at a campground. The cabin just had a bunk bed frame and a queen-sized bed frame so you could put your sleeping bags or air mattress on them. I had to walk with a walker (back when I could) from the cabin to the showers through dirt and gravel in high humidity and hot weather to take a shower in a setup I had to figure out on my own.

    After that trip, I vowed to never travel like that ever again and I haven’t. No amount of money would change my mind. The closest to that that I have done was a trip to San Antonio, TX for a weekend. I was in an air-conditioned home and only did sightseeing in the early evenings. But, since I had to use my manual chair and not my power chair, I wasn’t seated properly and came home with a pressure sore.

    At home, I stay in or go to the beach.

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