Reply To: Disney Parade Rules for Wheelchair Users in Different Countries

  • Vickster69

    July 21, 2023 at 4:27 am

    Thanks Josh, I will update after.

    We are there Sunday through Wednesday, decided to do 4 days in case there are issues as mentioned.

    Our biggest problem will be the show lotteries, if we miss out completely, my daughter will melt down unfortunately. There are so few rides we can manage because of the manual lifting so the alternative is always a show.

    The US parks have a huge choice and no lottery, never missed one, but Tokyo is a whole other level.

    The main show we wanted was Polynesian Terrace, but it is only open to Club members since reopening.

    Also can’t believe that Jungle Cruise and Small World are not wheelchair accessible like the US.

    Thanks V

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