Reply To: Tips for cobblestone and bumpy surfaces in a wheelchair

  • Laura

    October 16, 2023 at 5:45 am

    We just spent 38 days in iconic European cities that were mostly cobblestone. There are a couple of ways to make them easier(though never great). You can add a freewheel to the front of your chair to lift the front casters off the ground. People often add a SmartDrive motor as well and we know of many people who have successfully used this combination. We used a device out of Canada called a Companion. It’s a lightweight device that you easily attach to the front of your wheelchair (with a special bracket) that lifts the front casters up and acts as a motor. The advantage of the Companion is that it’s safer since the attachment looks like a very streamlined scooter, so it’s very difficult (or maybe impossible?) to fall forward out of your chair. It can quickly and easily be removed (it has its own automatic kickstand when not attached), and has great battery life. We found it invaluable on our trip. Having said all that, cobblestones will still beat you up, but they can be managed.

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