Reply To: Problems unique to disable travelers

  • Kamil

    May 8, 2018 at 2:00 am

    Hi! I didn’t had many issues when visited Japan. Some small issues I can remember now are:

    • The language barrier (either people didn’t speak English or signs are not in Latin alphabet sometimes).
    • The hoist rental you mention. My sister wanted it for 8 days but had to pay for the whole month (if I am not mistaken).
    • I heard by a disabled friend that she had issues getting on the train because her wheelchair was not “adequate”.
    • Also I think she had issues with one hotel which didn’t allowed her wheelchair inside.
    •  The rule mania can be a barrier sometimes even if something it’s theoretically possible and doable.

    I don’t remember something else now. I am not sure, but I suppose these are not only Japanese issues. I still consider Japan as the most accessible country I have been so far!

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