Reply To: Traveling solo

  • Amy

    February 28, 2024 at 5:59 pm

    Thanks to you both. I am able to walk, and hoping to walk faster by April which is when I’ll be leaving. Bringing along a folding cane just in case for support. I’m actually practicing to walk a little faster at home. I’m also getting physical therapy in a week for coming down steps. The other day, I took a chance on an escalator at a mall, and I just need two make sure I step off on the “good” leg and not the surgical one. Glad to hear about elevators on the train stations–I see many YouTube videos of stations with some steep steps (ie; Akihabara) at some point. I will try to remember about the rush hours in Shibuya–and I’ll be with a friend hopefully for that and not walking alone. But I am glad that people far respectful and kind there about these things.

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