Reply To: Using accessible bathrooms in hotels

  • Josh Grisdale

    June 21, 2018 at 3:48 pm

    Hi @dkc2018!

    I have CP and need someone to help me transfer, so I’m not in the same boat exactly.  But I have a few thoughts on the topic 🙂

    First of all, the shower situation really depends on where you are traveling.  For example, where I live (Japan) there are rarely separate showers so you sit next to the bathtub to shower on a portable shower chair, but in the US the flip-down benches seem to be the norm.  While flip-down benches are sturdier, you cannot choose where to place it!

    In Japan the hotel provides a shower chair but usually only have ones like these:

    bath chair

    They fold up, but no wheels.

    Again, different experience but, for me the biggest challenge is that the shower floors often don’t have non-slip mats etc so transferring is dangerous at times.

    To prevent your wheelchair from getting wet, maybe you could bring a plastic tarp to cover it while you shower? Or tie a rope to it, then after you transfer push the wheelchair away (while holding the rope!) and after your shower you could pull it back with the rope?

    In retrospect, the tarp seems easier 😛

    Maybe try going on a short trip with a carer or family member to start and see what it is like?If you can do it without help it could give you confidence to try alone the next time.   Or try staying by yourself in a local hotel near your home so you can easily call someone if need be?

    I love travel and feel it makes my life richer, but it does require improvisation when you have a disability! Lets come up with ideas together!  If you don’t mind sharing where you plan on going for your first trip, we could come up with more concrete ideas.

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