Reply To: Mobile Apps for Accessible Travel

  • bluebadgeparking-com

    July 12, 2018 at 8:58 pm is a smartphone (and tablet) friendly web-based map of disabled / handicap parking spaces around the world.

    It is free to use and it’s even free to download the database to your compatible  SatNav device.

    The parking locations are crowd-sourced so anyone can add spaces to the map that are missing. (So if you check your locality and there are spaces missing – you know what to do!)

    At the time of writing the map has over 5000 disabled parking locations. With an average of 3 or more spaces at each location that’s over 15,000 disabled parking spaces.

    The map is truly global and the database is growing almost daily, though some countries are far better represented than others (again, you know what to do!)

    There is also an official Android App for the site.

    See: for the website, and for the Android App.



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