Reply To: (Teen) Family to Greece: Athens, Crete, Naxos — w/c ferries?

  • Kamil

    August 1, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Hi! I am disabled (electric wheelchair user) and live in Athens. Even though I travel almost every month abroad, I have more than 5-6 years to travel out of Athens in Greece. Some of the reasons are lack of information, inaccessibility (for example you mentioned Santorini, but everyone says it’s not accessible – Naxos should be a bit better) and high costs (with companies such as Christianakis – you can check also this one, though also expensive). 

    Ferries can be both fine and problematic, but I am not an expert on that and I guess the only solution is to contact the ferry companies. As for Athens, it is definitely doable and not necessarily on high cost, but you must be prepared for some challenges. Metro is very accessible by the way.

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