Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • iliketurtles

    August 21, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    Hello everyone! its been a long road to getting my spouse visa and finally getting a job!

    Ive been at my job for 2 months now and have japanese health insurance. 

    Most hospitals that have foreign staff, do not take japanese insurance. 

    I had my wife assist with getting an appointment in Shibuya.

    English is pretty limited with the staff. I got lucky and the doctor assigned to me spoke pretty good english so i was able to explain my issue to her. I showed her my testing papers from america and also that i had a colonoscopy done. I really didnt want to deal with more testing. 

    She shared that she also had to deal with IBS! i was like wow someone who understands! it didnt take long before she got me some meds. its a once a day pill but maybe because im from america she said take 2. the pill is イリボー or Iribo –

    I just started taking it yesterday so ill have  to update again later. I started with the one a day and see how it goes for a week. I might need to take 2 a day… 

    dealing with the doctor was super easy in tokyo. No run around talking to other doctors and needed a special referral. My wait time was about 5 or so minutes. Talked to the doctor and was out before i knew it with my meds ! Doctor visit with my japanese insurace was 1050 yen. 

    28 pills about 28 days worth was 1600 yen. 

    i did look into going to a more english speaking friendly hospital but the wanted 15,000 yen for the first time consultation…and my insurance wouldnt work there. So if you dont speak japanese, try to find someone to help you get an appointment if you only have japanese insurance. 

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