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  • Joan Pahisa

    September 12, 2019 at 1:23 am

    Hi Maria!

    I don’t know about the Sanyo-san area pass, but I can help you with the Hiroshima question. I think that without spending a night in Hiroshima, it’s a really tight trip. Maybe feasible, but you’d have to run a lot and everything would have to go smoothly, taking into account that in Japan many museums close quite early.

    Actually, I did the exact same trip (though with a night in Hiroshima). I woke up early and took the Shinkansen to Hiroshima from Shin-Osaka. I then transferred to the JR line to Miyajimaguchi and then I took the ferry to the island. I think that I got there around 1pm and I had left home before 9am. I visited Miyajima for about 3 hours (I took my time and had lunch there) and went back with the ferry. I tried to take the boat that goes directly to the Peace Park in the city center of Hiroshima, but it was not wheelchair accessible. The ferry, plus the JR train, plus getting to the center by either bus or tramway (not all carts are accessible) took way more than one hour, so it was already around 6pm. During the night I wheeled around Hiroshima’s city center and the next day in the morning I went to the Peace Museum, the Peace Park and visited the Genpaku Dome. Finally, I tried to go to Hiroshima’s castle, but it’s not accessible (only the grounds are).

    The only way that it may be done in a day would be to wake up early and take a train to Hiroshima at 6am. Check the closing time for the Peace Museum and take a look at the Dome before sunset.

    Here are my two posts about my trip to Hiroshima on my Instagram with more info:

    I hope that it helped!


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