Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • iliketurtles

    October 5, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Late update but i had to be sure. 

    The イリボー or Iribo given to me didnt do too much. almost felt like no change after using it for about 3 weeks. I would eat something and out it goes as fast as it went in haha. 

    Went back to the doctor and she said i should still take Iribo once a day but also take ポリフル 500mg (Polyful 500mg) 3 times a day after a meal. This didnt work too well with me. I might have an issue during eating if i wait to take the pill after. 

    So i take the pill right before meals. 

    So far so good after about 2 weeks now. Im not running to the toilet after eating a meal anymore. I wake up and can use the toilet once a day or sometimes 2 times a day. 

    Without getting too nasty with the description, The poop comes out a lot more solid than it used to. This is something im so thankful for. If its a lot softer or even close to a liquid, i wouldnt be able to eat for the worry of it coming out quickly. 

    now this isnt a bullet proof pill. I do still watch what i eat but ive been able to enjoy pizza and burgers and curry with no worry. Also many other types of food. 

    Sugar seems to be a big issue still. maybe thats a more of a personal thing going on. some types of icecreams or shakes, gummy candy and even cakes will have my stomach in a lot of pain. even with the pills there is no stopping that. so sugar is something im careful about. there are a few japanese sweets im able to eat. i enjoy pudding, red bean and mochi and some types of cakes that dont get too crazy with filling. 

    my thought on the pills… i think iribo isnt needed but the doctor said i should take it for a long time and it should work better after a while. the polyful is working great so far at the 500mg per pill 3 times a day. 

    i dont get backed up like i do with Imodium. that stuff will have me waiting about 2 maybe 4 days before i can poop again. Polyful will allow me to use the toilet once a day or 2 times a day with no issues. 

    ill be back with more info on eating out and let you all know how it goes. Ive been eating mostly at home still because i dont fully trust the pills but slowly ill get over that. its working well so far. 

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