Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • iliketurtles

    December 15, 2019 at 11:42 am

    thats something im going to consider. im sure its mostly a mental thing but ill feel safer. 

    because of my ongoing issue, im trying to look into what they call a “FMT”. 

    pretty much a poop transplant. ill have to find out if im a good fit first. its possible i dont have IBS and its something completely different. 

    but as far as getting care here in japan, its been pretty easy to just go to the hospital with no appointment, see the doctor and get new meds. everyones issue with what i have is different. im maybe at the top of bad. 
    i was given a 4th new med to try. ill find out after a week if its been helping or not. 

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