Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • iliketurtles

    December 22, 2019 at 9:48 am

    Ah yes! ive been looking for an imodium type in japan for a long time. Ive found it also goes by the name of CAGUDALIN. Its pretty much imodium. Had the same dosing instructions. But will need to be prescribed by a doctor. So ill ask for that when im running low. for now ill use the imodium i have left a bit more freely. i was scared of running out so i didnt like to use it too often. 

    im feeling a lot better knowing i can get that out here. I had my parents sent me 2 boxes of imodium. but shipping is expensive. 

    Doctor update post below….

    I had a bad experience with my previous doctor. I told him the meds are not working and i would like to be recommended to a bigger hospital. My guess was my bile acid is the issue and i want to be tested. 

    He said the current clinic cant test for that. also they cant recommend me to a bigger hospital. but can get me more meds. A week went by and i was doing good till friday came along. My stomach wasnt doing so well. 

    i decided to go to a new clinic “Loco Clinic” in naka meguro. They speak good english there. 

    Best part? doctor right away said he cant help me with my current issue. But he will give me a letter of recommendation to go to a bigger hospital, st luke’s. 

    this made me super happy! this is what i wanted! he didnt waste my time! i recommend that place for other more common issues. im sure they can treat a lot of stuff but for things with the gut and IBS, they are a bit out of their hands. 

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