Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • ardchen

    January 12, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks for sharing about your IBS treatment and living challenges with it in Japan. I assume you’re quite aware of a few different types of IBS so I won’t talk more about it. 

    My type is when I am stressed, particularly knowing that I have to travel and might have limited or none access to toilets is one of my main triggered. I was prescribed Irribow, too (by a doctor in Bangkok). It worked for me twice but it took a long time to see some positive changes (about 3 months). I had a 3-month prescription once many years ago (at that time the long course was 3 months) and my symptoms of IBS reduced significantly for a few years. Then university gave me some stressful situations and maybe I was away from the medication for awhile, the issue came back. I went back to see the same doctor and he prescribed a new version of Irribow for 3 months and he said it was now okay to have it daily not just a 3-month course. I now feel better but not totally fine. Something that I also found useful was talking to a psychologist to learn how to manage stress. 

    I am doing my best trying to avoid Imodium as it has both short and long terms nasty side effects. Also, I avoid eating breakfast and it helps for some reasons. I feel like my stomach cannot work that hard in the morning to digest food.

    I love Japan and I am applying for a multiple entry visa. Restrooms there are generally clean so one less thing to worry about for a person with a mobility disability and IBS.

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks Accessible Japan for great information for disabled travellers to Japan 🙂

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