Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • iliketurtles

    January 12, 2020 at 7:09 pm

    Hello there!

    Im glad iribo was good for you. but in my case it seems its bile acid malabsorption is my issue giving me an IBS feel. thats why iribo didnt work at all for me. I also get really nervous if i know ill be away from a toilet for a while. Lucky for me here in tokyo, many stores, malls parks and other places have toilets. so im usually pretty good on that. 

    i was given “cholebine” / “コレバイン” for my issue and it seems to help a lot. this stuff traps the bile that doesnt get stored again and makes it exit my body safely.  that makes me sure i have a bile acid issue thats getting too far down my stomach giving me urgency to go to a toilet. 

    also i have some Lopemin pills the doctor gave me in case the cholebine doesnt work. 
    the lopemin pills here are 1mg vs Imodium which is 2mg. The box for imodium says start with 2 pills which would be 4mg right away. 

    Here the doctor said take 1 lopemin in the morning and one near dinner time. so thats only 2mg for the day. Im better off on this than imodium. imodium will back me up for days….

    Lopemin is safer i think. also i dont need to take it daily. just when needed. i was worried i wouldnt have something for an emergency like imodium. im glad japan is able to give lopemin! its a life saver. 

    My big hospital visit is feb 7th. ill be sure to have a nice update about that. 

    Really hope my experience can help others. 

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