Reply To: One day trip from Osaka for a good view of Mt. Fuji

  • Joan Pahisa

    January 19, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    Hi Maria!

    Sorry for the late reply. I would recommend going to Hakone. You may have to wake up early to take the first Shinkansen that stops at Odawara station (Hikari Shinkansen). From there, you have to change trains to Hakone-Yumoto and finally take another train to Gora. All in all, this takes around 3h30min. 

    At Gora is where you that the ropeway with great views of Mount Fuji. To reach the ropeway, you have to change at Gora station to the small train (cablecar) that goes to the ropeway terminal. The cablecar was pretty tight and the lift to exit it was quite narrow too. Josh, have you done it to confirm that it’s ok with an electric wheelchair? I did it in a small manual wheelchair and it was ok.

    Here’s an Instagram post that I did about this trip with comments on accessibility:

    Once you reach the end of the ropeway, I would recommend taking the pirate ship cruise through Lake Ashi to Hakone. It’s also wheelchair accessible and it’s even got an elevator to get to the upper deck. From the lake, you will also have some views of Mount Fuji from the back of the ship (when getting to Hakone).

    In Hakone, depending on the time that you have to get back to Osaka, I would go to Onshihakone park (the stroll to get there and return may take an extra 1h30min or 2h depending on how fast you go and how many pictures you take). There’s a way up the park that’s paved with no stairs, though the slope is quite steep and it takes a while to go up. 

    I’ve prepared a map of all the route. The way up starts at the mark “Wheelchair entrance to Onshihakone park” (there are no signs of it being an entrance to the park). It’s located at a car park. At the beginning of the way there are some metallic posts barring the entrance to cars. Here is the map:

    Here’s another Instagram post on this part of the trip:

    To go back to Odawara station, I took a direct bus from Hakone, which was wheelchair accessible (I don’t know if all are, though). I then went to Yokohama, instead of Osaka. All the route may be a bit too much, so you may cut the last bit of Onshihakone park. If you take the bus, you can do the route the other way around too (Odawara->Hakone->Ship->Ropeway->Gora->Hakone-Yumoto->Odawara).

    Anyway, if you’re able to get Shinkansen tickets that fit your needs, I totally recommend it.

    Enjoy your trip!

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