Reply To: IBS and living in Japan

  • iliketurtles

    February 11, 2020 at 12:36 pm

    Update from last week.

    Not the reply i hoped for. Told doctor my issues and worry. Told him ive lost 30 points in 1 year and im currently at 100 lbs.

    because the lopemin is working best. He asked me, “so what do you want from me?”.

    like if i found the cure and dont need to see him about it. He didnt understand there is a rick with this lopemin where it can block me up for days if taken too often.

    its happen to me before where i got so backed up, i had to pee every few minutes from all the stuff in me.

    One good thing to come from this is ill go back next week friday for an ECHO test of my lower body. Might be something not related to IBS that has me needing to pee so often. He did say that IBS and having to pee so often are not connected. Other doctors have said they are.

    One thing i forgot to ask was for a breath test to measure gas in me for bacteria over growth. Also a food allergy test. I might have something bad for me i never knew about.

    Over all the experience at st luke hospital was great. The staff speaks pretty good english and i didnt feel a worry about any of the process there. My wait times were no more than about 5 minutes it seemed.

    As for as my IBS goes, the meds im currently taking, Lopemin and Cerekinon have been a life saver. i can almost eat like a normal person and not rush to the toilet anymore. Solid stools are now an everyday thing. In the past it was pretty rare.

    I guess i dont mind taking the meds for a very long time. My new issue is the having to go pee so often.

    Thanks to japan for having toilets all over the place. getting off at stations on the way to places isnt a problem. use toilet and get back on the next train 🙂

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