Reply To: Accessible onsen

  • wilgo

    October 21, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    Wilgo took Japanese clients to Ito area along with care givers. They stayed at Chofukan managed by Saitama prefecture. Unfortunately, English pages are not available.

    In Hakone and Atami area, accessible hot spa facilities are available. For example,

    Hakone Pax Yoshino

    Hotel Hatsuhana

    Hakone Ashinoko Hanaori

    Kamponoyado Atami

    Although accessible rooms and hot spas are available in these facilities, no detail descriptions in English can’t be found. Apparently, number of accessible facilities in these areas is growing.

    Wilgo will start collaborations with our colleagues to get more details information about accessible tours both in Japanese and English.

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