Reply To: Any one been to Himakajima? (Aichi Prefecture)

  • Accessible Japan

    April 3, 2018 at 11:52 am

    You certainly are heading into unknown territory!  Bmaps doesn’t even have any reviews yet: Bmaps

    Looking at the ferry, since there is a ramp for cars, it should be possible to get on in a wheelchair physically. They also say there is an accessible toilet and stair lift on the Shimayuri Car Ferry (, top picture).  So, getting there should be fine!

    There seem to be a few businesses with ramps in front of them:

    • Taikairou Higashi-ten
    • Oide-ya

    Toilets… that maaay be a problem.  As mentioned above, there is one on the ferry.  There are a few public toilets on the beach, but none have an obvious wheelchair accessibility mark that can be seen in Google Street View.  Your best option would be contacting the restaurants above or asking to use the toilet at one of the following inns:

    I’m not sure if they speak English, but I would try contacting the Himakajima Tourism Board:

    Hope you can enjoy the island!

    If you go, please share how it was with everyone else so we know for next time!

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