Reply To: Renting a care/hospital/medical bed and a hoist in Hiroshima

  • hannekedeenengmail-com

    April 6, 2018 at 9:20 pm


    Thank you for the speedy and informative answer.

    You are right about the hotel (at least the one that the organization found for us), they are not willing to take out one of their beds from the room for me.

    Renting a hoist will not be easy, I gather. I will wait for the organisation to get back to me and suggest renting a hoist.

    I can bring my own hoist (it is a foldable version) but the problem is transporting it all. The wheelchairs and the hoist would then have to fit in the Shinkansen train for the transfer from Osaka (where I fly to) to Hiroshima.  The info about the luggage that I received says: you can bring as much as your carers can carry… And on this forum, it was mentioned there are no stowing areas in the Shinkansen, if I am correct. If you have any comments about this issue, please let me know!

    I found someone mentioning a courrier, I will look into that option as well.

    Thank you very much for the local rental sites, I will look into those. I already found one with a hoist on it that looks usable. The fact that it’s all in Japanese is a nice extra challenge 🙂 My Duolingo training (only level 11 up until now) does not really help yet.

    Thank you also for the suggestion of the Hotel Granvia Hiroshima, but this is pricewise out of my range and also the bed is not really accessible with a hoist. What is the attitude towards moving furniture around in the room? Is it usually fixed to the wall or ground, in your opinion?

    All in all, thank you very much from this info, I will go ahead and try to find a workable solution.

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