Reply To: Renting a care/hospital/medical bed and a hoist in Hiroshima

  • hannekedeenengmail-com

    April 7, 2018 at 4:02 pm


    Thank you for the additional info. There may be an opportunity to ship the hoist and bed along with my boat in a container, so that would solve a lot of my problems. If this will not work, I will look into the renting option again, preferably through the event organisation, and I will keep you posted!

    Could you elaborate some more about removing a bed from a hotel room? I was planning to re-ask this question as it would be much more convenient than trying to sleep on a regular bed. The organisation inquired about removing the bed and as they are unaware of my specific needs, I was planning to give it another go, adding an explanation why it would help greatly if it were to be removed. However, if this would be to no avail in your opinion, I would not give it a go…

    Any idea why they are so reluctant to do so? I was told that the Japanese generally try to help you out as much as possible, so I do not understand why the removal of a bed is such a big issue…

    Any input is welcome!

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