Reply To: Renting a care/hospital/medical bed and a hoist in Hiroshima

  • hannekedeenengmail-com

    April 9, 2018 at 4:33 am


    Somehow I got my previous post lost before posting :S So I’ll give it another go 🙂

    The hotel is toyoko inn hiroshima-eki minami-guchi migi. On are some very extensive reviews of a number of hotels in Hiroshima, some of similar Toyoko Inns.

    I looked to the courrier option (thank you for sharing!), but this will not work as we are not in an area where they provide ‘same-day’ delivery. However, good to know those things are available.

    For now I hope shipping the big stuff along with my boat will work (fortunately I have an old hoist that I can send ahead).

    Questions left right now are: do you think there is any way for my (foldable) non-powered wheelchair to be put on the Shinkansen train? It can be taken apart, but I have no idea if it would fit into an overhead shelf or even if they would allow me to put it up there…

    The other question is regarding the big hardcase suitcase that I will be bringing to transport a number of fragile parts of my wheelchair (including two dynamic arm supports and an adjustable headrest (using servo’s) and possibly my joystick. I am not a frequent flyer and only have limited flying experience. Do you think there is any way to store this hardcase at the Osaka airport? Or at the train station (before entering the Shinkansen), for up to two weeks? Or would you like me to post a separate question so others can find the info as well?

    Thanks again, your input is so useful for me, it helps me a lot!!



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