Reply To: USA Disability Certificates for Tokyo Disney Resort Discounted Passes

  • Josh Grisdale

    February 23, 2022 at 10:23 pm

    Hi Carlos

    Can you send a link?

    In general, residents of Japan with disabilities get a disability ID from the government. It acts as official ID but also allows for discounts at some places and can alert staff that you have a certified disability (and not just an injury etc).

    I know many other countries (my native Canada included) don’t have such IDs. While many staff here are getting used to the idea that foreign visitors with disabilities may not have an ID or have a version from their country and are accepting of these circumstances, many staff are too “by the book” and only accept official Japanese IDs. In this case, politely asking for the manager can help (but not always!).

    This is usually for the discounts. It has been ages since I’ve been to Tokyo Disney, but as far as I recall, they do not offer a financial discount. The disability ID check is to likely to get a guest assistance card so you don’t need to wait for attractions.

    Since it is not for a financial discount, if you have your passport and a letter from your doctor (typed, not and written), you could be OK – but don’t expect it to go smoothly as they will likely want to consult…

    Not a super difinitive answer, but in reality it could come down to who is on staff that day!

    Any thoughts @ohayotravel ?

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