Reply To: Job hunting in Japan

  • Josh Grisdale

    March 21, 2022 at 11:56 am


    There is no problem for you to apply to either. And you can always quit or change jobs at any point. However, as a master’s student, the jobs aimed at people with disabilities may be very unfulfilling as they are often created just to meet government requirements and are potentially not very challenging.

    The bigger issue would be with a working visa. The company would apply for a visa from Immigration to enable you to work, and they must let Immigration know why they want to hire a foreign worker and not a local resident – ie what skills you have that are hard to find in Japan. This typically is something like language skills (English, Chinese, etc) or a specialist in a field that has few people in Japan. Since the jobs specifically for people with disabilities are intended to help people with disabilities gain employment, they are not likely to need a specialty like that. So, even if the company wants to hire you, the Immigration department may say that they will not give a visa.

    So, while you may apply for them, it is likely best to apply for something that uses your skills.

    Hope that helps!

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