Reply To: How to find power wheelchair accessible apartments in Japan?

  • Nomad Traveler

    June 8, 2022 at 7:47 pm

    Hi Iman,

    Machiya Hotel Yanagi is a traditional Japanese house that’s been turned into a modern Kyoto guesthouse.This Kyoto townhouse is a wheelchair accessible and pet-friendly holiday rental.There’s no shortage of machiya to visit and stay in, but not all of them are fully equipped to welcome all guests. That’s where the accessible, pet-friendly Machiya Hotel Yanagi comes in. Located in a quaint neighbourhood of Kyoto, this 100-year-old machiya looks like a typical traditional townhouse with kawara tile roofing and wooden sliding doors. But the interior has been completely transformed into a stylish, modern Japanese house.

    The floors are entirely flat, with access ramps and an extra large bathroom, so guests in wheelchairs can enjoy the space easily. You can also request a helper if you need any assistance.The two-storey house can fit up to seven people. There’s one bedroom on the first floor with two beds, while the second floor has another bedroom with three beds and a traditional tatami room with two futons. Plus, there’s a fully equipped kitchen and a private outdoor terrace designed to look like a Zen rock garden.

    Machiya Hotel Yanagi is only a short bus ride away from many city attractions like the famous Kinkakuji Temple, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Nijo Castle. A night here starts from ¥7,000 per person, and you can book through the official website.

    Hope this helps.

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