Reply To: Destination avatar pre-check necessary?

  • Joan Pahisa

    July 5, 2022 at 9:28 pm

    I completely agree with all previous replies. I would view an avatar like an extra accessibility layer, but it would never replace the need of in-place physical accessibility. Actually, the places where the avatar would move around would need to be physically accessible, as its wheels are quite small, unless there were several avatars in different areas and you could jump from one to another. Anyway, the need for physical accessibility would still be there as, as Josh said, traveling is way more than images, it’s smell, touch, sound, the atmosphere, etc.

    Nevertheless, an avatar can help many people that would not be able to travel otherwise. I actually know of a person in the US that uses avatars quite often both for work and for travel purposes. His name is Henry Evans:

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