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    April 22, 2018 at 11:43 am

    Hello @shapkaa, thank you for your question.

    They are called “Help Mark” (ヘルプマーク, herupu-maaku) and the easiest place to get them is at the office of a Toei subway station (note that Toei subway lines are the government transportation lines and are different than Tokyo Metro which is a private company).  However, they are not available at the following stations: Oshiage, Meguro, Shiraganedai, Shiragane Takanawa, or Shinjuku.  But any other station should be fine.

    Here is the Toei website:

    From what I understand they are fairly easy to get, but you might want to print a picture of the tag to show the staff so that things go smoothly.

    I have no personal experience with this, so, after your trip it would be great if you could tell everyone how it went!

    Enjoy your trip!

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