Reply To: Service Dog Traveling To Japan

  • Ohayo Travel

    September 10, 2022 at 1:40 am

    Hi, yes the law defines the three as the service dog. In your case it should be recognized as 介助犬 or the mobility assistance dog from the philosophy of the law as the definition (article 3) of 身体障害者補助犬法 or Disabled Person Assistance Dog Act as it says that “the mobility assistance dog” helps someone who need help to change the position of the body, to stand up, to walk, to open/close the doors, etc. The law requires the dog needs to be accredited by the designated organization as “assistance dog” (article 16) . I understand this is simply because you need to distinguish those assistance dog from ordinary dogs.

    So I think you should follow the instruction to obtain the temporary certification written in “the Notice to Assistance Dog Users from Overseas” in the site below.

    I actually have no experience suppoting people like you though. If there is anyone who had a similar experience , please add comments.

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