Reply To: Walking Impaired in Japan

  • Josh Grisdale

    September 14, 2022 at 10:07 am

    Hi there!

    So, the ideal option would be to have on-the-spot wheelchair rental/lending…

    In general, rentals are for a set period and getting a rental company to deliver a wheelchair for the day would be difficult.

    However, there are some possibilities we could explore.

    Have a wheelchair ready to go when needed at your hotel

    Obviously, this will only help if your wife is feeling she needs the wheelchair before you leave your hotel in the morning.

    You could rent a wheelchair for the duration of your stay in each city, keep the wheelchair folded up in your room and take it or leave it as needed.

    Some hotels have wheelchairs available, so you may want to ask the hotels you plan on using if they have a wheelchair available. You will also need to ask if it is OK to use it for day trips as they may have one, but for using at the hotel only.

    Using wheelchairs at your destination

    A lot more tourist attractions are offering wheelchairs to visitors. So, you could try to find out if the places you plan to visit have wheelchairs available in advance and schedule around that. ie lump together the locations without wheelchairs at the destination and rent a wheelchair just those days.

    We can work together to find this information if you let us know the places you intend to visit (likely best as separate discussions).

    Work with a travel company

    If you work with a travel company like @ohayotravel they could maybe help come up with a schedule and transportation to help get you around with support when needed.

    Let’s keep this discussion going! You have been waiting for 2 years – you deserve an awesome vacation!

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