Reply To: Tokyo vs Kyoto for Hanami, Japanese Theater, and Geisha

  • TabiFolk

    November 1, 2022 at 4:06 pm

    Excellent points by Justin.

    If your main focus is hanami, you can find it in any city. However, I would say Kyoto is more pink than Tokyo.

    Also, as Justin mentioned, it is a bit harder to get around. I would add that Kyoto is in a valley surrounded by hills making some areas rather hilly. Tokyo is much flatter.

    However, I think there are ways to overcome the different challenges that come up (and we are here to help!), so I think it is best to chose a place you want to see and try to work through the challenges. If you are looking for a travel agent specializing in accessible travel in Japan, I would be sure to get in touch with Ohayo Travel ( @ohayotravel )

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