Reply To: Square Enix Artnia Store and Cafe wheelchair accessibility

  • Evalore1129

    November 10, 2022 at 4:52 pm

    Just to update this thread, I recently made my way to Japan and managed to get to Artnia. The building is very accessible as discussed with a ramp around the building and wide doors for mobility scooters etc. Unfortunately that’s where the accessibility finishes without assistance from staff.

    As soon as you enter the building there is a table of merchandise that would need to be shifted for those in mobility scooters. Likewise, all merchandise around the sides of the shop can only be navigated very narrowly because of more tables between the shelf displays, I’m a very able wheelchair user, so I could shift the tables myself but others may not be able to as they have a considerable heft to them. You also may not want to move them as breaking anything on the tables could be an extremely expensive mistake

    About 75% of the place is dedicated to the cafe and cash registers, and because it’s a busy place, you may need to rely on other guests to help move the tables to allow for free movement.

    The Final Fantasy exhibit around the back of the store was just wide enough for me to get through in an 18” wide wheelchair.

    Altogether probably a 2/5 rating for accessibility. If patrons are helpful, it can be accessible however, when I was there, it was far too busy for staff to help.

    I’d recommend the store in Akihabara. It’s very near to the station and has a similar selection, though without the highend Final Fantasy merchandise. It’s still a tight fit, but less busy and staff are more able to help.

    Yodobashi Camera across the road from the Akihabara store also has more Square Enix merchandise.

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