Reply To: Finding a hotel that will accommodate mobility scooters

  • Ohayo Travel

    January 9, 2023 at 10:47 am

    Mobility scooter is not quite seen as a indoor mobility in Japan so you could encounter such responses, but I think if you ask a hotel with good hospitality, they can find the solution for you. The best is that you book hotel with large enough size but depending on the size of the mobility, it might be hard to find wide enough doors.

    Another note is that the electric mobility that can run faster than 6km per hour is not regarded as pedestrian but motorcycle by Japanese law, strictly speaking.

    As for Mr.Marsh’s comment on slippers, I would say they are prepared for the guest to relax and not mandatory to get off your shoes in the room. It is normal that you are requested to get off shoes at the entrance of the traditional japanese style inns though.

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